To reduce the global waste

October 15, 2021

To reduce the global waste

Reducing waste is one of the biggest fights the planet is experiencing. Unfortunately, numbers don’t lie and the global waste covering the world is too high to not care. Let’s engage and talk about it.

More than 2 billion tonnes is the quantity of the garbage that every year is generated. Although humans are more and more active to try to reverse the current situation, the number of tonnes is expected to increase during the following 30 years.
It’s true that everyone can take action. The more we are fighting for the environment and saving the planet, the more loud our voice will be.

It’s important to be aware and to have the power to choose what we do. We can always decide to contribute and engage in the reducing waste battle. Nobody alone can conquer this fight, but together we can make this world a better place to live on.

Here are some tips to reduce the generation of waste. 

  • Choose wisely the products that you purchase. Opt for quality over quantity.
  • Opt for a refill when you can instead of buying a new whole product
  • Compost and Recycle
  • Go for vintage and second-hand items when you can
  • Try to use paper and glass instead of plastic and toxic materials. Even better if they are recycled.
  • Choose reusable containers, boxes, bottles, bags,…
  • Opt to bulk shopping in order to avoid any multiple single purchase packagings
  • Try to avoid the « mono-use » lifestyle
  • Privilege the local shopping
  • Repair and Transform before throwing away 

    healing body mists duo in a beachy environment


    Love Pure Skincare tries to avoid the use of plastic with the use of paper and glass instead. And it promotes recycling through its rewards program to help raise awareness about caring for nature.
    We encourage each one of you to contribute with little action and to choose carefully the brands whom you will give your trust and loyalty. 
    Nonetheless, waste is inevitable. But we can all make efforts to reduce it. And, what is even more important after a product lifecycle is that all the waste is properly eliminated. Love and embrace the planet, there is only one Earth.

    If you haven’t already joined the community to reduce the waste, make sure you get all the information about the global waste that circulates all over the world. You might change your mind and join us. We are never enough to try to save Mother Earth.


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