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June 26, 2021

blond woman touching her hair with the two hands

Hair is, for most women, their most important feature because each one of them finds security through hundreds of different shapes and cuts. With this article, we aim to give you some tips for hair care. 

It is not news but a quite simple fact that every woman has a different type of hair, a different texture, and a different reaction to ingredients. Consequently, there are different needs to take care of hair. This is why this article wants to find some balance and some suggestions for everyone. 


Love Pure believes in the power of nature and in a holistic journey and therefore this first tip: it is said that "the moon" has a great effect on hair growth and we can use this influence to our advantage, 
so, check when the next new moon is scheduled and make sure that at night, before going to bed you massage your scalp in a reverse position in order to stimulate the circulation and hair growth at the same time. 


If you struggle to keep in shape your hair it means that probably your hair does not fit for what you are doing. However, you can help yourself with primer products which will allow your hair to enhance the process. For example, for curly hair, you can use our hair treatment My Magic to help your curls fall and shape naturally and effortlessly while hydrating them.


If you have oily hair at your roots, you should know that when you are washing your hair the rinse part needs to be done with your head upside down. The oil needs to slip from the hair and not pass through your scalp.


Now, read carefully because you might never hear about it. Rice water is a natural powerful ally for hydration, softness, and enhancement for health. 
If you do not want to buy rice water, just leave infusing rice in water for 24 hours and then rinse your hair with the rice water you have created. Repeat this process once every week.


Make sure you do masks. The more your hair is dry, the more you need masks. Deep moisture and hydration are essential for hair health no matter the texture of your hair. 
If you do have oily hair, just pay attention to not increase the oil, but your hair needs, somehow, more deep hydration than a superficial one.
For example, use My Magic for an intense mask before washing your hair. Let it act for 30 minutes before rinsing.


For all women who do sport every day or who feel the need to wash their hair daily, this is the right tip for you. If you have not heard the word « co-wash », it is time to discover something new. Try to alternate the shampoo with a co-wash in order to give your hair a break from treatment and using, instead, a lighter and more sensitive product. It will bring freshness, subtle hydration, and a glimpse of « quick maintenance » to your hair.
It resembles a dry shampoo: same purpose, different use. Thus, you really have the impression you took a normal wash.

You can find a co-wash at grocery stores or at hair care specialist stores.

Hair care is part of your self-care  and as each part of your body,  hair needs treatment,  maintenance and love. What you  do and do not do has instant and long term results which might affect your hair for life. The more you take care of your hair today, the healthier they will be in the future and the stronger they will become when it comes to age.



Article written by: Anna Guerreiro 
Photo by: Melita Freudenberger 







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