How to use the hair oil

July 14, 2021

woman taking a few drops of MY MAGIC, our hair oil. Jorge Diaz

Hair oil is a very nourishing product that deeply hydrates the hair and the scalp depending on where people apply the oil. There are different usages that can change the final result a little bit even if the objective of the product remains the same. Love Pure wants to give you some tips to use it in different ways.

MY MAGIC is the hair oil that you will find in the Love Pure e-shop. For normal to dry hair with rosemary and lavender, this product will enhance the health of your hair. And its properties work incredibly well with curly hair giving a perfect shape.


Take 2 to 5 drops, warm them up in your hands and moisturize your ends and the length if needed. You will not only have extra hydration, but also a shiny finish.You can apply it after washing your hair, while your hair is still very wet.


Take some oil and wrap your hair in it, massage it to enhance the penetration in the scalp, and leave it for 1h before taking your usual wash.


For a quick revitalizing treatment and styling your hair, apply just a few drops of MY MAGIC oil after showering while your hair is still very wet and leave it in. First put a little oil on your hands and apply it to the ends of your hair and then with the rest of this elixir on your hands, massage your scalp. Your hair will be in great shape when dry and it will look healthier.

Allow your hair dry naturally if possible. Avoid doing this process if you have oily hair. If your length is dry and your scalp oily, make sure you put the oil hair only in your hair length. Use a bit more drops if your hair is long and very dry. 


Use MY MAGIC to thicken your hair and create volume. This hair oil will help as well to shape your curly hair for a natural and soft curl look.


To help hair growth and circulation, you can take a few drops for massaging the scalp in the evening.The scalp massage might have two different purposes other than hair growth with MY MAGIC: nourishing a dry scalp or helping with balancing the oil of the scalp.
Wash your hair in the morning if your scalp doesn't absorb all the oil.

my magic bottle



Make sure you do not take a large amount of product to avoid waste and to avoid taking too much product for the area you need to apply it.
Sometimes a few drops,  2 up to 5, will be more than enough.


Once you have your amount of product, you apply it and then you need to help the process of the product absorption:

- For the scalp, you try to massage gently.
- For the length and the ends you spread it on your hair as much as possible.


Do not apply the oil directly on the hair, but on your hand first to avoid any contact with the pipe.


Before the application of the oil on your hair or on the scalp, make sure you warm it a little bit with your hands.


We do not recommend using the oil on dry hair because it might make your hair greasy. Only if you are doing a mask and then washing your hair, there are no problems in applying the oil on dry hair.
This is why, in all other contexts, it is recommended to use the oil on wet hair.

Pure Love hair oil can be used in every hair wash and is quickly absorbed to avoid greasy textures. However, if your hair is a bit oily when it dries, try applying fewer drops for the next application until you find the perfect balance for your hair.
If you have enjoyed reading this article on hair care, do not hesitate to open « Hair tips » for more general suggestions.


Article written by: Anna Guerreiro
Featured photo by: Jorge Diaz

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