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We only use 100% botanical. pure and organic ingredients because it is for our health and natural beauty. Our products are not tested in animals and are eco-friendly.  Everything we create comes from the heart The passion and determination we put into making our products the best they can be is what defines Love Pure.  Finding the perfect formula is not easy but we believe that the fine art of creation comes from expert knowledge. from trials and most importantly. from the heart! 

Best Quality

We craft every single drop with care. passion and high standards to bring you the purest blend of
botanical extracts. Our suppliers are from around the world. particularly from India. Indonesia. France
and Australia and we personally care about the selection to assure that the quality is the best for our customers. Our aim is not to replace the daily healthy ritual body needs. but to improve it with only the essence of nature.
We create perfect forrnulas and maintain our high perfor­mance in every botanical compound taking care of the right balance between Mother Earth and our needs.
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Inside Love Pure

I am the creator & owner and would Like to introduce you to our concept. Love Pure started with a deep desire and became a Life choice: when I was younger I started out as a journalist but it was not fulfilling me. I decided then to try lots of different things that I thought might work for me. But after many years of trials and a long process, I realized I was missing something within me. 
Luckily, my path sent me to Bali. A magic and energetic island, where I became more aware of the powerful essence of Mother Earth. Here, I Learnt to fight for my dreams; to be myself; to enjoy the present: to connect with nature and its energy; and to be satisfied with what I have and who is next to me. 
I started from zero: learning about plants and everything around Pachamama, researching, taking courses about cosmetic manufacturing processes, finding the best-qualified people, organic farms and natural ingredients. Until I started to create the delicate essence of my products with patience and determination. 
I felt Like giving up many times but I kept going. I accepted the ups and downs, as is with all life. I surrendered and the uncertainty didn't bother me anymore, as I knew my heart was in the right place and was feeling good. 
My motivation was to come up with something special but I also wanted to reduce the Large number of skin care products I was using every day. And in this way, improving my lifestyle and saving time, money and becoming healthier. Definitely, it had to be organic, pure and 100% botanical, as Bali has taught me. So, I started Love Pure. 
At the beginning, I only tested the products on myself and my skin looked more vibrant and shiny, it felt softer and my friends noticed it too.

Then I gave it to people around me to try and they also noticed the change. I realized that each creation made me look and feel good on the outside, but even more so on the inside! And this is what I want to share: more than natural ingredients to add into your daily routine. my idea is to try to integrate a holistic change in your life. Helping you learn to connect with your inner self and the wonders of nature. I am practicing it myself and I feel so grateful. 

Thanks to each and every one who believed and helped me in this beautiful work in my life. I am doing it with passion, commitment and with all my heart. 
"Connect with yourself and nature!"
With love, 

Our Team

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