• We select the best ingredients from Nature to bring them to you, with love from Bali.

    Botanical and Eco-friendly

Healing Body Mists

Our new collection of Healing Body Mists 🌹 with ROSE WATER, PURE ESSENTIAL OILS, ALOE VERA & VIT E

✔ Rose water has a strong anti-inflammatory property & rose petals contain a number of powerful antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage.

✔ As aromatherapy: essential oils are a powerful ally for your mind, soul and body.

✔ Acts on your energy field to help you reach the state you need for meditation and yoga. Depending on what you need, whether it is to relax or stimulate you, we have 5 varieties.

✔ Self-care life enhancers with healthy compounds of flowers, seeds, roots and herbs that are absorbed into the skin when you apply the spray 🌱.

✔ It will make you feel fresh and in a good mood!


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My Magic

Our exclusive formula that deeply hydrates, nourishes the hair and scalp, stimulates hair growth and activates natural oil balance for a healthier hair. Perfect to protect against the sun, bring volume, and even shape curly hair. Look amazing with your magic!

Rosemary & Lavender 
For Normal to Dry Hair

100ml / 50ml

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Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Love Pure! Thanks for taking time to find out about us ❤!


Handmade in Bali with Love!

Bali is not just an island, it is a state of mind, a philosophy of living and our inspiration! We craft all our products right here by hand, using the purest botanical extracts and taking care of the right balance between nature’s sources and your needs. We seek to nurture each person’s natural beauty with our concentrated unique formulas.

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    Our life is a seed. Without love and care, it will wither and die. However, if nourished and loved, it will grow strong... and bloom!

    By Love Pure with love for you.


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