Connecting with Your True Self on A Deeper Level

December 11, 2018

woman praying and feeling blessed in a natural environment

The rhythm and speed of today’s life, especially in the bigger cities, social media sucking up our energies, attention and time through every UV screen, and our constant buzzing thoughts, worries and questions, they all make us lose the grip of our inner child, our inner peace, our selves. Letting aside what all typical books, articles or vlogs say, these are 3 ways I connect with my inner self and spread the love for myself. In no particular order.


Not in the cliché way of chasing away thoughts and sitting still and totally silent, but engaging in relaxing activities that ease the mind and make time and space disappear. Like sewing, gardening, reading, swimming, listening to music, singing, dancing, drawing, writing your thoughts in a diary, and even combing your hair, painting your nails or grooming in general. The trick is to stay away from the internet or conversations with other people and just get lost in this peaceful, slow-paced activity, in order to find your true self. One very important daily activity that could and should be viewed as meditation is eating. This should be a sacred process, full of gratitude and is to be done slowly, consciously and without external disruptors like TV, reading or negative vibes. So, chew up slowly and count your blessings. Another simple way of entering a meditative state is concentrating on your own breath while breathing deeply and slowly. Become aware of your body expanding and moving while inhaling and exhaling, and remind yourself of how amazing your organism is. For such a magical machinery that keeps working for us day and night, after we poison it with so many wrong foods, drinks, drugs, and worries, isn’t it fascinating how silent it can be?


all senses We theoretically know that we possess 5 senses, but do we actually really celebrate and put them to full use in our routine full lives? Like many other body abilities, we take our senses for granted and it is time we reconnected with our true self and full potential, by awakening all our senses. This could be best done in nature, but at any given moment we can rejoice in our magical abilities. So, wherever you are NOW, look around you. Realize how lucky you are for being able to see. Check how many colors you can spot. Name them. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about all the smells you discover. This is where also essential oils play such a magical important role, as you can play with them. So if you have some within reach you can try sniffing and feeling the difference between what they make you feel or think or remember or imagine. Essential oils are amazing both for internal reconnection and for connecting externally to others. Indulge in a fruit you have, that’s been standing on the kitchen counter for ages. That is life. Feel its texture in your mouth and taste nature’s pure sugar. Then move your focus to all the sounds you hear, trying to separate them. Start touching all types of surfaces in your room or around you. Including your own hair, skin, the different fabrics of your clothing. You can do these in any order you want, in any moment you want, as there is no right or wrong time to express gratitude for your amazing body’s 5 senses.


I feels that immersing into nature is SUCH an essential activity that it totally deserves a separate category. Without any disrespect to people believing otherwise, I am convinced we were created by Nature, and that nature IS God and vice versa. That is our real maker, our true Mother. Which means we can only fully regain our meaning and peace in Nature, preferably without any clothes. Observing animals living free, seeing and hearing the wind through the leaves, feeling the grass beneath our bare feet, not fearing the cold temperature of the rivers, listening to the birds, etc. Celebrate all your senses, again and again, become aware of how magical all creations are, that no animal is inferior to us and that we all breathe the same air and smile under the same sun. Empathy and kindness to all beings will feel so natural, and the love you manifest for the Universe will come back to you in the form of self-love. Every single time.

Julia Croitoriu

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