blond woman touching her hair with the two hands

Hair tips

June 26, 2021

Hair is, for most women, their most important feature because each one of them finds security through hundreds of different shapes and cuts. With this article, we aim to give you some tips for hair care.

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woman praying and feeling blessed in a natural environment

Connecting with Your True Self on A Deeper Level

December 11, 2018

The rhythm and speed of today’s life, especially in the bigger cities, social media sucking up our energies, attention and time through every UV screen, and our constant buzzing thoughts, worries and questions, they all make us lose the grip of our inner child, our inner peace, our selves. Letting aside what all typical books, articles or vlogs say, these are 3 ways I connect with my inner self and spread the love for myself. In no particular order.

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