The new trend of Facial Yoga

septiembre 15, 2021

blond woman putting a facial oil serum with her fingers

It’s a fact that people age, it’s the cycle of life. A lot of you fear this process or don’t like the idea of aging and for helping you to deal with it, there are many different ways to hide it behind a « new » physical appearance.
 Don’t get me wrong, we cannot stop people from aging, but we can hide the signs of age and sometimes, even slow down the process.
In this article, we will talk about « facial yoga » and the powerful benefits you can achieve in a natural and holistic way.


First, we would like to introduce you to litho-therapy if you still don’t know what this practice is. In brief, it’s a holistic practice with the use of stones and crystals to balance the energy flow around the human being. 
It finds its origins in ancient Chinese medicine and throughout the years, its traditions and practices have been shared with the Occident. 
Among them, there is this massage practice that we call today, Facial Yoga.


Facial yoga is simply traduced as the gym specifically suited for the face. 
It consists in a particular technique of massages that keeps the face healthy and prevents quick aging. 
From fingers to beauty tools as rollers and gua sha, this practice can be applied and release all its benefits.
Let’s see together how we can do this with the following picture.

example of how to use a gua sha for facial yoga



As you can imagine, facial yoga has a very positive impact on your beauty image. However, there are some inner benefits that can improve your daily life.

Let’s see together the benefits:

-Circulatory stimulation

-Lymphatic system stimulation

-Soothes and refreshes the skin

-Stretches the expression lines and the general skin lines

-Wrinkles prevention


-Drain properties

Deep penetration of products improvement ( like serums, treatments,…)


Facial Yoga is one of those actions you should do every single day when you take one moment for yourself and do a « self-care moment ».
We even say that, ideally, facial yoga should integrate your morning and night routine for better results.
But, if you’re a very busy person and you don’t have much time, once a day is still enough.
Before starting the practice, we recommend taking some drops of serum, for example, our ATTRACTIVE facial oil and serum. Why? Because you will soften the skin and the fingers or the beauty tools will slide with more ease. 
You will prevent any inflammation or damage to your skin.

woman's hands showing she is taking a few drops of our facial oil Attractive

If you haven’t understood yet, facial yoga is the first step to keep your face healthy and in very good shape. Before thinking about esthetic medicine and esthetic surgery which is, sometimes, dangerous, we recommend that you try facial yoga. There is no need for professional advice for this practice. It’s based on ancient techniques and it’s completely safe.
Last but not least, the sooner you start (in your twenties if you can), the better is for reaching results and to prevent wrinkles.
What are you waiting for?



Article written by Anna Guerreiro

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