How to use the body oil

septiembre 30, 2021

How to use the body oil

Body oil products help dry skin to be moisturized, nurtured and hydrated for better care and for a healthier look and touch. With essential oils, we can take care of dryness, nourish and even prevent some happenings. This article's main objective is to give you some tips for the use of body oils.

Love Pure has a range of four products for this category to fit normal and dry skin. You will also find body oils for all types of skin. Each of the four products contains different essential oils to enrich the skin in a particular way according to need.


If you want to do a massage, take a small amount of body oil to smooth the skin to help the sliding with the fingers or any tool.


Take a small amount of the body oil, apply it on the skin and then massage it to stimulate the circulation and to press the oils into the skin for deep penetration of the product.
Give the skin the hydration and nutrition it needs.


If you are a kind of « shower evening person », why not try to pamper your skin in the morning to prepare it for the day. So, before getting dressed, let's get the hydration and nourishment needed for the entire day.


WOW is the body oil you need thanks to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties from the sweet orange, bergamot, and ginger essential oils. It is also rich in vitamin C which will enhance the smooth and natural glow of the skin. It will also protect the skin from external agents.

close up of our wow body oil


LOVE MYSELF and LOVE TO SHINE are the right body oils for moisturizing and fighting the signs of aging. LOVE MYSELF thanks to vanilla and patchouli essential oils will help the skin to regenerate, cleanse, and to prevent damages from environmental factors. This body oil is rich in antioxidants and vanilla has an aphrodisiac effect. LOVE TO SHINE not only has repairing properties but also will soften the skin thanks to Rose Geranium and Palmarosa combined with avocado oil.


I AM READY is the body oil if you are looking for a cooling and refreshing feeling with deep hydration at the same time. Wild mint, lavender, and cocoa butter will enhance skin hydration and health.


Make sure you do not take a large amount of product to avoid waste and to avoid taking too much product for the area you need to apply it.

Sometimes a few drops will be more than enough.


Once you have the amount needed, apply it to your skin and gently massage the oil to cover all the parts of the body you need to. Pressing the product into the skin will help and enhance its benefits.


Try to avoid contact with the pipe or with the content of the bottle so as not to affect the ingredients with the natural fat of the skin or any external component. 

Deep hydration not only comes with external products but also from the inside through the ingestion of liquid like water. A right balance is needed to achieve well-being from an internal and external point of view. The result is that your body and your skin will be the healthiest. 
For more tips, consult « Tips: How to use hair oil».



Article written by Anna Guerreiro
Featured Image by Melita Freudenberg

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