Inside Love Pure

I am the creator & owner and would Like to introduce you to our concept. Love Pure started with a deep desire and became a Life choice: when I was younger I started out as a journalist but it was not fulfilling me. I decided then to try lots of different things that I thought might work for me. But after many years of trials and a long process, I realized I was missing something within me. 
Luckily, my path sent me to Bali. A magic and energetic island, where I became more aware of the powerful essence of Mother Earth. Here, I Learnt to fight for my dreams; to be myself; to enjoy the present: to connect with nature and its energy; and to be satisfied with what I have and who is next to me. 
I started from zero: learning about plants and everything around Pachamama, researching, taking courses about cosmetic manufacturing processes, finding the best-qualified people, organic farms and natural ingredients. Until I started to create the delicate essence of my products with patience and determination. 
I felt Like giving up many times but I kept going. I accepted the ups and downs, as is with all life. I surrendered and the uncertainty didn't bother me anymore, as I knew my heart was in the right place and was feeling good. 
My motivation was to come up with something special but I also wanted to reduce the Large number of skin care products I was using every day. And in this way, improving my lifestyle and saving time, money and becoming healthier. Definitely, it had to be organic, pure and 100% botanical, as Bali has taught me. So, I started Love Pure. 
At the beginning, I only tested the products on myself and my skin looked more vibrant and shiny, it felt softer and my friends noticed it too.

Then I gave it to people around me to try and they also noticed the change. I realized that each creation made me look and feel good on the outside, but even more so on the inside! And this is what I want to share: more than natural ingredients to add into your daily routine. my idea is to try to integrate a holistic change in your life. Helping you learn to connect with your inner self and the wonders of nature. I am practicing it myself and I feel so grateful. 

Thanks to each and every one who believed and helped me in this beautiful work in my life. I am doing it with passion, commitment and with all my heart. 
"Connect with yourself and nature!"
With love,